25 Ways to Pamper Your Pet

If you are a Pet Parent, you can probably relate to many (if not all) of these tips and ways to pamper your pet.

Here is a list of such ways. If anything is not covered or you have some more interesting ways, feel free to leave a comment with your own tips on how to pamper your pet. Enjoy!

1. Lots of treats (for any reason).

2. Toys! Toys! Toys!

3. Full access to furniture.

4. Sleep with their humans (option: under covers)

5. Her own comfy bed (one for each room, ideally)

6. Lots of playtime.

7. Snuggling.

8. Walking/fetching

9. Belly rubs

10. Butt scratches

11. Vacations in a pet hotel suite

12. Daycare and play groups

13. Window perches for every window

14. In/out the door game (hubby accommodates)

15. Drinking fountain

16. Agility classes

17. Trips to the park

18. A stroller for a comfortable ride

19. TV or radio on when home alone

20. Furniture rearranged for optimal outside viewing

21. Massages

22. Treat like a child, commonly includes baby talk

23. Road trips (car booster seats for those who are too little to see out the window)

24. Presents.

25.Peanut butter for dogs.

No matter how we spoil our pets, it all adds up to happy, healthy feather or fur kids!

How do you spoil your pet? Please share!

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