Whether it’s you or your pet, both needs exercise to prevent yourself from diseases. According to the research of “Centers for Disease Control and prevention”, one-third adults and 17% children’s are overweight in this United States. Even research for dogs and cats are not good. The research of pet association finds that 52.5% of dogs are overweight. We all know overweight always leads to major diseases like heart problems, thyroid, diabetes, and even cancer. We are here to explain the 5 ways to exercise your dogs at your home even. As in rainy days, wet weathers, hot temperature outdoor exercising is a big challenge for your dogs and even for you as well.

5 Ways to Exercise Dogs Indoor

1. Exercise Dogs Indoor on a Treadmill:

Exercise Dogs Indoor on a Treadmill

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It is a very good option for your dogs especially when you can’t go outside.  Or when you can’t run and walk as far as their dog can. Dog lover don’t worry it’s also a safe and also makes the positive impact on your dog. You can buy even by a dog treadmill or use the human one. It will help to make your dog healthy.

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2. Exercise Dogs Indoor playing Hide ‘N’ Seek:

Exercise Dogs Indoor playing Hide ‘N' Seek

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I think this is all time favorite game of all. And Dogs even likes it more. And also it’s pretty exciting and amazing game, which can be played with your dog to make him healthy. As it also keeps you healthy because this game uses your brain and energy. You just have to distract your dog with some toys or food and then go hide. Call him with his pretty name to find you. You can even add some more people to add some more difficulty and call him to find you only. It might be a best indoor exercise for your dog.

3. Exercise Dogs Indoor using Activity Toys:

Exercise Dogs Indoor using Activity Toys

Whether it’s you or your dog, both needs physical exercise as well as the mental exercise in an equal manner. This activity will help your dog to find his food with mentally and physical manner. I think even this activity is a good option to enhance your dog mentally and physically both. It is the best indoor activity to keep him healthy for your dog.

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4. Exercise Dogs Indoor using Stairs:

Exercise Dogs Indoor using stairs

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Having stairs in your home is an easiest and worth exercise for your dog even for you as well. You and your dog both can work out with stairs but always start slower down the stairs. And you also make sure about something more that your dog is capable of this type of indoor exercise or not.

5. Exercise Dogs Indoor through Swimming:


Exercise Dogs Indoor through Swimming

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It can be another indoor activity; it is a good way to take your dog for swimming once or twice in a week at a doggy swim center. You can even swim with him and it is advised you to that do this activity with your dog even in cold weather.  You can even make a swimming pool at your home itself. If you having a small dog so keep in mind to put something heavy with water in a bathtub so he can easily sit in the tub and also make sure to watch your dog whole the time for his safety.

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The above-mentioned indoor activities might help you to exercise dog indoor, that means your dog can now exercise even at your home. So don’t worry if you can’t go outside with your dog with your busy schedules.

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