Yesterday, I heard a women yelling at a cow and addressing her as stupid cow!”

I was dumbstruck. I tried to argue with her but she wasn’t ready to admit her mistake. According to her it was all normal.

But I want you people; whosoever reading this. Answer by commenting down the page.

“Was that lady right?”

“Isn’t it wrong to tease animals?”

“Isn’t it wrong to mock mute creatures?”

This incident took over my mind. And I decided to choose this topic to write on. So, do you think only a human can be bullied?

If yes! Then you are wrong my dear friend.

Whenever you pass by a dog, he starts barking and most of us are like “these stupid stray dogs”.

You know what; you just mocked a dog. You know animal teasing is increasing day by day.And it makes me wonder that more the people are being educated and less is the people who behave like an educated.

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ANIMAL TEASING: A Menace to our Society

Animals are been teased everywhere.

Be it “OUR HOME”



They are teased everywhere!



When a family goes to a zoo, how do they introduce that place to their children?


People think that animals in zoo are for their entertainment, for clicking selfies with. NO! You are teasing them. You are mocking them.

Recently I visited a zoo. There I saw group of families making videos, taking pictures with different animals and suddenly there was guy who took my attention he was throwing stones on the cage of jaguar, and when I asked him what he is doing? He innocently replied “my mother told me he is sleeping and we have paid to see that animal so I am trying to wake him up”.

And this is a real example of Animal Teasing. We are teasing them in a way or other.


And they are not need to be feared from. They will not harm you until and unless you are teasing them.


I want you people to think once, think from their view, and think by keeping yourself in their place. When an elder brother teases his younger sibling, his mother scolds him saying “he is your real blood, don’t hit him”.

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But what about those animals, they are HELPLESS.

They can’t protest

They can’t scold

Yes! They can hit you.

But then they will be teased, they will be mocked. It’s time to think, and act. And if you think something is wrong then REACT!

You are not mute, you can protest. You can share your views with us by commenting down. Our government is taking many steps for us, for our daughters.

But when some strict actions will be conducted against the ones who harm animals?

If a human is mistreated, they demand for justice.But these mute creatures can’t.


Have a good day!

 Do share your views with us regarding Animal Teasing. And if you like this article on animal teasing, then share it with your friends and make them aware too.

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Srishti Gautam

Srishti Gautam

Hey! I'm Srishti. And I am pursuing the bachelor of science. I am an extrovert. I love interacting with new people and I love traveling. Writing Is my passion. I write what I think. I think what I feel. And my feelings depends on the people I am with. I am an animal lover. And I believe they should be treated equally. As it's their home too. And I know one day they will be treated equally.
Srishti Gautam