About Chhavi Madaan

Hi! My name is chhavi Madaan. I am pursuing my graduation in commerce from Delhi University. I am a sensitive person; I get hurt on small things and even get happy about small things. I am not very frank in my nature, in front of everyone, but I am open in front of loved ones. I know some people don’t like me because of their own mistakes. My mother always teaches me that don’t break anyone’s heart and I am always trying to do that. I really love my mother and want to fulfill her all desires and wishes. I love trips, even I really want to go everywhere around the world but prove myself. The second thing I really love that is writing. I want to create myself with my writing. I had huge afraid of dogs in my childhood, but now I really love dogs especially puppies. I can’t see any kind of torture on dogs, even on any animals.
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