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Hey! I'm Srishti. And I am pursuing the bachelor of science. I am an extrovert. I love interacting with new people and I love traveling. Writing Is my passion. I write what I think. I think what I feel. And my feelings depends on the people I am with. I am an animal lover. And I believe they should be treated equally. As it's their home too. And I know one day they will be treated equally.
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4 Pet Friendly places in chandigarh

PET FRIENDLY PLACES IN CHANDIGARH TRAVELLING is always fun with family, friends. People say that travelling is hard when you have to travel with a child but trust me the real struggle is to travel

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DON’T COLOR THEM: They may suffer serious illness

DON’T COLOR THEM INDIA, Land of festivals. With one more festival “HOLI” knocking on our doors. EXCITED..?? You should be. After all holi is one of the favorite festivals of all age groups. Teenagers will

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ANIMAL TEASING : How To Solve The Biggest Problem

  ANIMAL TEASING. Yesterday, I heard a women yelling at a cow and addressing her as “stupid cow!” I was dumbstruck. I tried to argue with her but she wasn’t ready to admit her mistake.

  • Signs that You are Cheating on Your Pet

4 Direct Signs that You are Cheating on Your Pet.

4 Insanely Direct Signs that You are Cheating on Your Pet. So, as the title of the topic is suggesting “sign’s that you are cheating on your pet”. If you want to know what are

  • wear your own fur, Image Credit: David Cross, PETA

If You want to Read only 1 Article About Dogs Read this one

"WEAR YOUR OWN FUR." Recently, when I was scrolling through “PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMAL” [PETA] Instagram feed. Suddenly a picture caught my attention which was posted there with a caption “ wear