5 Common bad dog behavior

I know you have faced these things for what we are here to discuss if you have a dog. We are here to discuss the typical bad behavior of dogs. It might also help you to know about the dog’s behavior if you are planning to have a dog. Behavior is one of the most important things of all living organisms which describes their mood; it can be bad or good.

Here we will discuss the five common bad behavior of a dog, which you should know.

  1. Barking:

Barking is one of the most common bad behavior of a dog. To stop this bad behavior of a dog. First, you know that why your dog is barking? It can be any stress, fear, and aggression). Observe your dog at what they are barking. If they are barking at noises like the door bell, knock kids, playing outside, etc. First, you should analyze your dog’s noise sensitivity. To control this bad behavior of your dog, you must start with the little sounds like youtube videos and reward your dog with toys and some favorite food.

  1. Chewing:

It can commonly see in the dog behavior. It is one of the most common bad behavior of the dog. Chewing can be observing in the dog with some naturals ways like they will chew to relieve their stress, boredom, a pain of new teeth, and feeling weak at the older age. Sometimes dog owners become frustrated when their dogs chew some different items like shoes, furniture, electronics, etc. This bad behavior can remove with proper training at the young age.

  1. Jumping:

It is one of the worst and dangerous habits of most of the dogs. They only jump on their owners or others dogs just to engage and play. Mostly puppy’s jumps on older dogs just to smell their face and dogs repeat this activity with humans. This bad behavior of dog can be dangerous for humans; injuries may occur. This behavior can easily harm people especially the child. Untrimmed nails of dogs can easily hurt people. So, it is important to teach your dog not to jump at the early age.

  1. Leash Pulling:

It is another very common complaint by dog owners. Dogs pull on the leash at the time when they feel so excited when on walks. Over Stimulation also can be a major reason of pull leash. Overexcitement can come from the fast-moving object such as bikes and skateboards. The best way to stop this bad behavior of the dog is to reward him when he is pulling on the leash, wait for him till he will come back to you or you can also stop through behavioral training.

  1. Potting in the house:

I know this is one of the biggest problems of dog owners. It might be the big reasons for those who likes dog but can’t pet it just because of their bad behaviors. To stop this bad behavior of the dog, I think you should give them a particular area according to their size and then increase the area as the dog will grow. Keep their feeding schedule so you can analyze that whenever they need a break.

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Here is the all five common bad behavior of dogs which you should know about. It might help you to train your dog for this if you have not done yet or if you are planning to pet a dog. But trust my one thing, having a dog is wonderful.

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