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4 Pet Friendly places in chandigarh

PET FRIENDLY PLACES IN CHANDIGARH TRAVELLING is always fun with family, friends. People say that travelling is hard when you have to travel with a child but trust me the real struggle is to travel

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Pet Friendly Hotels in Northeast India

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Northeast India, to travel with your furry companion. Imagine going on a vacation with your furry friend? You plan a perfect holiday including your furry companion and at the time of check-ins,

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Foods you need to avoid feeding your dogs

Foods you need to avoid feeding your dogs Just like human, dogs love food. Of course, dogs have a different nutrition requirement and you can’t feed them on human food. And there are varieties of

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“Thank you” – A Dog Story

We come across so many stories about pets every day, they not only make us emotional but in fact they motivate us to become a better human being and brings back the faith in humanity!

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A Heartwarming Story about Roger: A Black Labrador

This story is about Roger, a black Labrador who belonged to my friend Neha. For my seventeenth birthday, I received a basket as a gift from my friends. I thought it must be consisting of

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5 Common bad dog behavior

5 Common bad dog behavior I know you have faced these things for what we are here to discuss if you have a dog. We are here to discuss the typical bad behavior of dogs.

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Here’s what dogs see when they watch television

Here's what dogs see when they watch television Television is the thing which entertains humans but is they also consider dogs? We are here to understand about that "What dogs see when they watch tv."

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DON’T COLOR THEM: They may suffer serious illness

DON’T COLOR THEM INDIA, Land of festivals. With one more festival “HOLI” knocking on our doors. EXCITED..?? You should be. After all holi is one of the favorite festivals of all age groups. Teenagers will

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5 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in India

5 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in India I was an ardent canophilist since I was a kid, I used to plead in front of my parents to get me a dog; I used to play

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Things you didn’t know about German Shepherd!

The Mighty Breed – German Shepherd. It’s not a new fact that a smart dog is just potential without a human willing to put in the time and effort to train and channel the dog’s