Doggy dreams

Sleeping Is one of best hobbies anybody on the planet can have! Let it be at work, school or home we love taking a nap once or twice …maybe multiple times a day when we are lazy or bored in our own ways. Truth is, dogs, just as humans need their daily dose of beauty in order to function well and deal with ups and downs in life. The amount of sleep your dog gets depends on several factors. At times the climate and environment, as well as their mood, certainly play a role. The dog’s size and breed also play a major role in the sleeping habits. For instance, very large dogs such as mastiffs and Saint Bernard’s tend to snooze much more than smaller dogs.

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Doggy dreams: More than Sleeping, Better than hobby

When we talk about sleeping, it is always associated with dreams as well, so why restrict sleeps and dreams only to us, let us know about some of the sleeping habits of dogs when they are fast asleep!!

#1) Crying

Dog Crying

Crying is considered as one of the deepest stages of sleep, it’s a stage where your dog becomes active. It is said by researchers that one shouldn’t wake up a dog when they are crying in their dream as it may give them mild is also believed that dogs become stronger when they keep getting nightmares they learn how to overcome this fear which is very beneficial to them. Dogs are no stranger to this.

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#2) Barking

Dog Barking

Not all “barks” are considered as bad, yes it is very annoying when you get to hear a constant bark from your dog when it is asleep but it may be a good sign. It might be dreaming about chasing little butterflies or dragonflies or it would be busy playing with other dogs! There can be many better signs of a bark, so you need not worry if it constantly keeps barking in sleep! let them enjoy their moment!

#3) Twitching

Dog Twitching

Dogs which stretch out more while sleeping is a sign of a relaxed and good sleep, so they are more prone to twitching. If the owner doesn’t know the exact reason behind the twitch and turns it might be little stressful to understand what’s going on! It has been noticed that young puppies and senior dogs tend to move more in their sleep and to dream more than adult dogs, for reasons yet unknown.

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#4) Shaking

Dog Shaking

When a dog shakes in its sleep it can either mean that it’s a normal dream or it might be something serious which we shouldn’t ignore. It is always advised that when any of you pet shakes in its sleep it’s better to consult a vet as soon as possible! The mere sight of your beloved dog shake during his or her sleep is disturbing for the dog owner. And mostly they are unsure of what is causing it and whether or not the dog is in pain.

#5) Sleep run

Dog Sleep Run

Sleep running is something that is seen as a common issue with dogs. There is no need to frighten if your dog is showing this kind of behavior! let me run and explore in his dreams. Of course, try not to laugh so loudly, so your beloved pup won’t get an unpleasant, distressing wake-up call.

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So next time when you see your dog showing any of these signs, don’t you worry. Every movement of theirs has a different meaning you just have to spend some quality time on research to understand what it actually means! So grab your pup beside you and have a peaceful sleep full of Doggy dreams with them!

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