3 Amazing Points describing that Dogs are our secret healers!

Dogs: Our secret healers!

We live in a society where a high value is placed on being positive. Dogs are our secret healers 1Yet sometimes this simply isn’t possible, and people find themselves facing temporary or long-term sadness. Just telling yourself to “be positive” isn’t much help, because moods can have a life of their own. One of the pitfalls of positivity is that people tend to fantasize about a perfect life instead of realistically facing the fact that no life is perfect. Everyone’s existence contains challenges, disappointments, frustration and failed expectations. And we at times forget our way to get over depression or any other mood swings. We forget how our pets play a major role in making us happy and get us back to line. Let’s check out how our adorable pets try to make us smile.

When you are sad, crying, or upset does your dog do anything particular? All dogs don’t react in the same way; some respond to your mood whereas some dogs don’t but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you!

1. Sleeping next to us

Dogs are our secret healers 2

Most of the time when we are upset we find our dogs sleeping at the foot of the bed, on the floor, or next to us but facing the opposite direction. However, at times they just lie on the pillow facing us with their nose touching us. Maybe they realize that their presence makes us happy.


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2. Wrapping arms around

Dogs are our secret healers 3

No matter where you are, hiding inside the blanket or sitting at the corner of couch, dogs can hear your cries anytime anywhere. In order to comfort you they come running. And if you’re crying they wrap their arms around and put their head on your shoulder, like a hug. Unlike humans they get worried about us when we have coughing or sneezing fits, and they’ll immediately come running and put their paw on our laps or slap our backs apparently to make sure we are ok.


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3. Concern on their face

Dogs are our secret healers 4

They’ll literally come out of nowhere. When you start to cry, they make sure to come from any part of the house. And will pull their self-up and straddle you sitting in the chair. They get the most incredible look of concern on their face. Dogs can melt even the coldest hearts by just giving a look from their crystal eyes!.Dogs have a habit of leaning in to get as close as they can to comfort you.nevertheless, they make great efforts to stay by your side and make you feel safe in their company.

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Dogs are our secret healers 5

Most importantly, we lead such a busy life that to overcome our depression and frustration we depend on pills and other medication, but we forget to realize how lucky we are to have our pets beside us who make sure that we are perfectly happy and safe.Maybe they do not understand the meaning of “sadness” but they sure can feel it, they understand that something is different than usual and that is how they make things go back to normal.

So when next time you are disturbed or depressed in life, just look at your adorable pet and he will make sure to get your perfect smile back on your face. Dogs are the only creatures who love us more than they love themselves, so keep them close to you and give them the love which they deserve.


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