Here’s what dogs see when they watch television

Television is the thing which entertains humans but is they also consider dogs? We are here to understand about that “What dogs see when they watch tv.” Do you have dog? Is your dog see television with you? Have you ever noticed that what your dog was seeing on television? We will explain answers of entire questions here. The visions of dogs are different than humans. We see the television for entertainment and with fake vision, but dogs see the television with real vision. Dogs think that what they are seeing, it is truth. Specific Channels, Serials, artists attract humans in television, but images, videos, and much more thing attract dogs for television. Here we are describing which things attract dogs in television or what dogs see when they watch television.


  1. Sound: Dogs attracts with different sounds than humans. Dogs always attract on the sounds which include barking and whining. Whenever they hear these types of sounds on television, they inevitably approach the screen closer to get sounds more clear and repeatedly walk between the screen and their owner to interact with you as well.
  2. Videos: Dogs attracts with videos but in a different manner than humans. They like dogs related videos includes owner giving training to their dogs, owners playing with their dogs, etc.
  3. Images: Images related to dogs, dog lovers, dog praise and training attracts dogs towards television and other screens.

What your dog can actual see on the screen is always different from you. As dogs only can see two colors- blue and yellow. It is the reason why dogs related channel canine Tv Channel, DogsTv gives priority to these two colors.

As now we have understood about the factors which you dog see on the television and another screen. But one more question is that DO YOUR DOGS ENJOY TELEVISION?

The research of science shown that dogs attract for television and prefer individual programs, but a question is they enjoy it? Humans watch Tv to feel a range of emotions includes funny, emotional, sensitive and horror. But we don’t know that is dogs also seems the same preference when they watch Tv.

The enjoyment of dog also depends on the dog, their personality, preference and also what’s their owner’s watches. Sometimes they enjoyed those Tv Channels which their owner’s watch. It is advised to all dog’s owners and lovers. Don’t watch Tv and another screen with your dog, as we read above that dog’s has sensitive eyes, and they can only watch two colors- Blue and yellow. So, it would be better if you watch their preferred channel, who programmed their channel according to dog’s preference.

Extra Gyan:

  • Watch Dog’s training with your dog on particular dog’s channel
  • Watch Dog’s related movies with your dog
  • Try to watch only Dog’s related channel in front of your dog

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From the above-mentioned information, you can keep your dog secure from all these lighting and brightness of different colors on screens and also what your dog’s see when they watch.

I hope this information will help you to keep your dog safer and healthy.

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