INDIA, Land of festivals. With one more festival “HOLI” knocking on our doors.


You should be. After all holi is one of the favorite festivals of all age groups.

Teenagers will be like “PARTY ALL NIGHT”.

Your whatsapp gallery will be flooded with advance holi wishes.

People will plan a surprise visit to a friend’s house who is chromo phobic (one who has fear of colors.)

Children will be forcing their parents to make them buy a new “PICHAKRI”.

Mothers, grandmothers will be preparing “GUJIYA’S”.

The excitement of this festival can be seen all around.

Children of my locality start playing Holi 5-10 days before the actual festival.






You will see your pets, stray animals.

Are they colored too?

Are they happy?

Aren’t they afraid?

It is a festival of happiness, colors for us

But you know all our festivals be it the sound of crackers on diwali or the sound of dhol on any other festival and these colors. They all are problematic for them.


Recently I talked to a pet owner she told me that last year her 7-year old daughter colored her dog. And you know the aftereffects were hilarious.

Their dog suffered from fierce illness.

He had vomiting, loss of his hair and irritation in his eyes.

Can you imagine the pain he suffered just because of that small action of her owner?

And when I asked an animal doctor regarding this she told me that yes! These colors are very harmful for them.

She told me that their illness can be FATAL.

When I was scrolling my face book feed I came across a picture which was shared by many of my friends.

The picture was of a dog with the caption “don’t color me; it will harm me”

They can’t speak and this made me quite happy that finally some people are taking initiative on their behalf.

But is that enough?

I mean it takes 3-5 seconds to share a picture and we have to understand that yes. We are spreading the awareness by sharing and all. But we have to keep in mind that only sharing will not help.

Don’t color them. When someone says this it means don’t color any animals. Here, we are not talking about your pets. We are addressing all the animals. Be it your pets, stray animals.

Today my mother called me and said “don’t forget to apply coconut oil on your body as you know if you don’t the colors will harm your skin”. As I am having sensitive skin so I can get rashes due to these colors.

My mother warned me, but who will suggest those animals that hey! Don’t roam here and there because we human are cruel. We are going to color you and we know that it will harm you.

People you all know colors contain chemicals, which are not even suitable for our skin then please think how much they will harm them.

If accidently they will lick that they will suffer from illness.

Please spread this message.

This small action of our can bring a big change in their lives.

Enjoy your festival but don’t play with them.



Have a good day.

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Srishti Gautam

Srishti Gautam

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