10 PAWesome Gifts for Dog & Dog Owners

10 dog-related gifts for dog, actually worth giving to your dog, to lovers of dogs, and to your friends who has a dog.

1. Custom Plush Version of Your Pet

It turns out you can get a 100% custom plush replica of your pet based off some photos. That’s double the cuteness!

gifts for dogs


2. Pup Tea Infuser

Just as the website says, “This is one well-trained tea infuser!” This pup brew you a fresh cup.

Mod Cloth sells this adorable pup tea infuser


3. Dog Waste Bags

Love the dog poop emoji? Great job… stay classy. Now you can bring this emoji into the real world with Dog Poop Emoji Bags (and T-shirts). Dog Poop Emoji Bags from The Diesel Sweeties Store


4. BEER for The Dog!

What more do you even need to say… you can finally get your dog a sixer for the big game. He’s one of the boys now.


5. Custom Dog Ring

The Chihuahua ring is just the start… they have multiple breeds to chose from. Oh, thats nice! You might as well get one for each finger.

Etsy user UntamedJewels makes beautiful jewelry pieces


6. Mustache Dog Toy

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who likes the idea of a dog with a big, ridiculous looking mustache.

Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy


7. Doggie Umbrella

Thanks to the internet for making this a real thing. Whether you’re serious or need a good gag gift this will keep Fido dry during winter rain. Plus, who doesn’t love buying things on Amazon that have a typo in the product name.

Happy Pet Travel sells this dog rain gear on Amazon


8. Hipser Dog Teepee

Most dog beds are boring and your furbaby is just too cool to use it. A doggie teepee will satisfy Fido’s suave, urban sensibilities.

Pipolli carries this super hipster dog teepee with cushion and carrying case


9. Drink Coffee and Save Dogs

Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co. gives 20% of proceeds to no kill rescue organizations. So you can feel all the good things coffee makes you feel, and also pat yourself on the back for helping animals in need of homes.

Grounds and Hounds Coffee: Every Pound Saves a Hound


10. Toilet Water Bowl

Your dog always knew that water tastes best from the procelain throne. Now give them a clean version of their very own to use. This may be a gag gift, but it ain't such a terrible idea!

Did we left something. Add them in the comments section below.

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