8 Home Made Yet Nutritious Foods which Dogs can eat.

Having a dog is wonderful, but taking care of him can be difficult sometimes. And when we talk about the dog’s food, it might be difficult to select that what should be best for him. There are many specific foods for dogs available in the market. But it is not possible for everyone to buy due to their financial crisis. So, we are here to discuss those human foods which dogs can also eat. Don’t take stress for your dog’s food.

There are some human foods which your dog can also eat. You don’t need to buy any specific dog’s food for him. You can give the below listed human food to your dog. As we all know dogs are the most allergic animal so, it might also keep him safe from many allergies.
Don’t worry, if you can’t buy specific dog’s food for your dog. You can share your own food with him and it will also increase love between you and your dog.

Human Foods which Dogs can also eat.

So, here is the list of 8 human foods that your dog can also eat. Just go through with it.

1. Eggs:


It is most common breakfast in the houses. Eggs are the most incredible food for human as well as for dogs with the respect of proteins. Not only that, Eggs also help in common stomach diseases i.e. acidity, loose motions, etc. Eggs are safe for you and your dogs as well, but make eggs should be properly cooked. Because raw eggs can give your dog biotin deficiency, so be sure when you are cooking eggs for your dog. It should be cooked properly. It can be a wonderful food for your dog and you as well.

2. Popcorn:


You can share your popcorn with your dog, but it should be unsalted, unbuttered. So, your dog will be safe from fat. You just need to serve plain air-popped popcorn. This popcorn contains the small amount of iron, protein and much more, which will increase your dog eye health and digestion health. So, enjoy a movie with your dog. It will advise you that, Watch Dogs related movie with your dog.

3. Apple:


This is the most nutritious food for you and your as well as for your dog. You can serve your dog; and apple slices but make sure it will be seedless. Because apple seeds contain cyanide, that will harm your dog internally.

4. Baby Carrots:

baby carrot-min

This is a low-calorie food for you and your dogs as well. You can serve fresh and crunchy vegetable to your dog, it is also good your dog’s teeth. If you are already serving vegetable to your dog, then it is an easier for your dog to digest. You can even serve a large volume of baby carrots to your dog. It will never harm him.

5. Coconut:

coconut-min (1)


This is a fruit which contains Lauric, and it will provide strengthen the immune system. This can be optional food for your dog when you have nothing to give him. This fruit also helps in breathing, clearing up skin like spots, allergies and itchy skin. Even its milk and oil is also safe for your dog. Just be sure that your dogs will not get its paws on its outside shell, it can harm your dog.

6. Cooked Chicken:

cooked chicken-min


This is all time favorite food of all dogs. Whether it is baked, grilled, fried or boiled, this is the healthiest food for your dog. It is advised to you that serve your dog, a properly cooked chicken. Try to avoid onions and too much garlic, and don’t use salt even, if you are concerned about your dog. This may also apply to humans as well.

7. Bread:


This can be a substitute food for your dog. Because bread doesn’t contain any health benefit and harm for your dog. You can serve plain bread to your dog but in the small volume. But if you will use homemade bread than outside-bought bread, it will contain necessary nutrition for your dog.

8. Yogurt:


This is the perfect and acceptable snack for your dog but only plain yogurt is good for your dog. It contains the good volume of proteins and calcium, and also the active bacteria of yogurt can strengthen the digestive system. But make sure about the sweetness over yogurt. Don’t add some more sugar and artificial sweeteners over yogurt, as dogs are allergic from sweet.

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