Starting up a pet sitting business isn’t as troublesome as it may seem, but there
are many things to require into thought. Time, commitment, and expertise are the highest of the list.

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business in India

You’ll be a little pet sitting business owner, regardless if you rent staff or go it alone. Keeping that in mind, wherever do you begin with reference to initiating a business? Here area unit 5 things to contemplate before taking the leap.

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1. Filing the work: Business License 

  • Filing for a business license are often a frightening task for several. However it’s not as chilling because it looks.
  • Do you wish to use your own name, or a business name? (ie. Sarika’s Pet sitting vs. The Pet paradise) If you decide on to call your business, you’ll ought to register that name with the suitable authorities.

2. Protecting yourself: Insurance vs. no insurance

  • What if, whereas in your care, one dog bites another dog or a child? otherwise you accidentally break a client’s favorite antique? As a business owner, you’re liable. Accidents happen, thus it’s an honest plan to shield yourself.
  • Pet-sitting insurance covers general liability, property, and worker accidents or dishonesty.

3. Keeping track of business finances: Personal bank account vs. business account

  • Using a private account for your pet sitting business finances affects your legal liability. If you’re a sole man of affairs and mix business and private expenses, it may be troublesome for the government agency to work out if you’re a viable business. In that case, if you decide on to control from your personal account, ensure to stay track of your business and private expenses.
  • Also, if your business is private limited, partnership, or corporation, it’s crucial to possess separate accounts. Failure to separate business and private expenses may result within the owner being sued for business and company liabilities. Visit your bank to check what they provide in terms of little business accounts.

4. Privacy and expertness: Business phone vs. personal phone

  • Having a separate Business phone offers you the power to answer the phone and come calls in a very skilled manner. Also you’ll be able to decide your business hours (when you are available to take the calls).
  • If you opt for your personal phone, you may not be able to identify whether the calls coming are your personal or business calls, unless you receive them..

5. Advertising: Logo, website. business cards, and flyers

Having an area and on-line presence is vital.


  • Style a brand to represent your business. Your brand can complete your web site, business cards, on-line advertising and flyers. Therefore, you must ensure your pictures aren’t proprietary otherwise you might be sued.

Website/Domain name:

  • Reckoning on your business desires, a website/domain name are often free (Weebly, WordPress, Blogger) or paid . So, pay careful attention to introductory net hosting costs, as they’ll presumably increase when you renew them. Again, if planning a web site isn’t your issue, you can take help of a freelancer.

Business cards and flyers:

  • Distribute Your business cards and flyers to your nearby veterinarians, pet shops, animal-related events, shelters, and dog parks. This could be a good way to unfold the word concerning your business. Don’t forget to advertise in your native on-line directories.

With some thought and designing, initiating your own pet sitting business could be a rattling venture. obtaining involved a pet-sitting organization to be told from others and network could be a step within the right direction. Good luck for your new pet sitting business !

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