Your Dog hates to bathe? It’s ok. Even you do, too. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable for a dog to love his bath time but it’s you who can change turn this to get your dog love his bath. There are some strategies to work on your dog to get comfortable with a bath.

Strategies to Make Your Dog Love his Bath Time.

1. A nice long walk will work for sure.


Almost all the dogs want to get cold water on their body when they’re hot and exhausted after exercise, so use those natural instincts to your advantage. Also, Your dog will be much tired after the exercise and will not fight with you for not taking the bath.

2.  Don’t rush to give him a bath daily.

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All of us aren’t free to daily rush our dogs to get the bath neither do that with your dog. Your dog will get irritated after few days. Find a time when you can relax and focus on your dog.

3. Don’t take your dog daily for a long walk.

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Yes, it is not compulsory that whenever you want your dog to have a bath, you need to get your dog to have a long walk or to give him an exercise to do. It’s only you who can even make the bath time a fun time for your dog. Make it fun for your dog and easier too.

4. Make the water more comfortable for your dog to dip in.

DOG swimming

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What seems like a great temperature to you might not be what your dog prefers. Very warm water can actually be a shock to your dog, so keep it lukewarm to ensure that temperature isn’t part of the problem.

5. Be understanding

Image Credit: pb

Image Credit: pb

No, you need to understand this main point. You think that your puppy love to get the bath but it is not true. Some pet parents make the mistake of assuming that their puppy is adjusting well to bath time when he just stands there rigid.

6.  Food in the tub will attract your dog.

Allow them to help you around the house

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Another way to help your dog make more positive associations with the tub (or another bathing area) is to start feeding him there. You may find that your dog is resistant or nervous at first, but over time, he’ll likely relax and enjoy his meal.

7.  Always start slow.

Image Credit: Sulekha

Image Credit: Sulekha

Let your dog get comfortable with the sound of running water. Then add a little water to the tub. Get just his feet wet, then his legs. Keep going from there. Make the process gradual, allowing your dog to get used to each step, instead of trying to rush the process by dumping a bucket of water on him or spraying him down

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