A Letter from a Dog to His Owner.

Letter from a Dog to his beloved Owner

Hey Buddy,
I hope you are doing well and if you want to know how I am doing. Let me tell you my life has been amazing since you picked me up from the street. The very street where I was whimpering due to the goons of my area who had harassed me. Buddy, maybe my actions have conveyed it. But trust me I still haven’t found the correct bunch of words. The words which would rightfully be able to portray how grateful I am to the universe for sending an angel in my life in the form of you.

And I still have the vivid recalling of the imprints of your hands; when you saved me from that bin and the warmth by which you wrapped me in the quilt and carried me to my new abode. Also, I remember how you used to take me downstairs where the kids of our locality would play with me.

I remember how you had tears in your eyes when the vet used to give me the injections.

Ahh, I still laugh about those incidents when although having numerous chidings from you during my toilet training, I still excreted in the places where I shouldn’t have. I did that deliberately and you being such a sweetheart, would never get angry and laugh instead.

I remember how happy you would be when you used to see me running up to you with my wagging tail.

How affectionately you would grab me. And how heavenly the words coming out of your mouth would sound like.How well you have taken care of me at times of your own crisis. And I remember how stressed out you were. How preoccupied you were while working on that million dollar project. But still, you would take out time for me to take me out to the park, to play my favorite game, to pet me, to make my favourite dish, which is the egg curry you make and buddy, trust me I can salivate like ocean just by reminiscing the smell of it.

Buddy I try to show my love through actions, thanks to the communication barrier created by nature, but you have no idea how much I love you buddy.

I see you bow to certain idols, which you call “God”. I have heard you asking from him certain things and I don’t know if one gets the thing one asks for from him. But if one does, all I only want to ask him is for your welfare, your happiness; and no one has ever loved me like you do and buddy trust me no will ever love you like I love you, and my love has the clause ‘no expectations and no demands’.

I remember when I was newly adopted, I used to get scared by seeing some dogs in the street.

Some naturally belonging to them and some turned out by their owners. And I remember how my heart used to pound just by the thought that maybe one day you discover I am no good and turn me out. I used to get dismayed but then I used to see your eyes; and like they say eyes are the reflection of one’s soul, all I used to see in those eyes is love, compassion and loyalty, and buddy you don’t know but how soothing your eyes were- they eradicated all my insecurities.

Buddy, the only thing that disheartens me is the fast that I am getting old, and my days are numbered.

I don’t have much time to love you. I see how your heart contorts when every time you take me to the vet. But don’t worry, I am strong and maybe my days are numbered. But I will fight till my last breath in order to trade some extra few minutes with you. Even if the world collapses and the sky falls down. Yet I will love you till my last breath and even after that, till eternity.

Yours faithfully,
your loyal friend.

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