Pet adoption centres in India

It is an online portal which customizes in selling accessories, food item and all the required necessities and daily needs of all kinds of pet ranging from birds to fishes, cats to dogs. It is headed by PetsGlam services private limited and Rana Atheya,  Shalesh Visen and Gaurav Malik are its managers. Along with selling pet goodies, this portal enlists all the information of the top breeds; it helps the reader know about their physical traits, their habits, some common health issue and how to cope up with them. They have recently started with the adoption section where they enlist all the pets available for adoption; and one could adopt them for free. They have a convenient search engine where we can mention the breed one wants to adopt and the city of available pet and the user can adopt a pet for free. They usually deal in cats and dogs. ComScore listed as the No. 1 portal in India under pet category.


  • Pet Animal Welfare Society

Pet Animal Welfare society (PAWS) is   nonprofit NGO working for the cause of stray animals. PAWS is recognized by Animal Welfare Board of India and it has been working for animal’s welfare cause since 1998. Along with spreading awareness among people about the care, nutrition and management of animals both stray and pets, it conducts awareness drives in and around Delhi. Its main purpose is to eradicate rabies among stray dogs and also work for animal birth control. Some other causes PAWS works for are anti-cruelty against animals, bans on testing on animals, afforestation, ban on plastic bags, awareness about animal laws and conservation of wildlife. They have low cost medical services in New Delhi. They have centres from where one could adopt a pet.

  • People for Animals

People for Animals is the largest Indian animal welfare organization having a network of 26 hospitals, 165 units and 2.5 lakh members. PFA’s main cause is rescue and rehabilitation of fragile animals. PFA’s aim is to establish an animal rescue centre in 600 districts of the nation. They have established shelters, ambulance services, disaster rescue, sterilization and treatment camps for animals. Along with the animal welfare services, PFA conducts educational programs in schools and fights for animal causes and laws in Parliament. It has a solution for all those people who love owning a pet but due to some issues is unable to- you can sponsor the expenditure of an animal weekly or yearly. Also, it has the facility of enrolling as a member.


The concept of pet adoption is emerging in India and there are numerous organization and portals promoting and supporting this cause. Although we as a nation are progressing in terms of sensitivity towards animals yet a lot of work needs to be done in this area. Even if we are unable to adopt a pet, we could do our bit by being volunteers or donating money; it is a misconception that one needs to earn in lakhs to donate we can donate a meager amount of 5 rupees. It is a very small amount, and it has no value but trust me every penny counts. And we all want to leave a mark on this world, right? So why not helping the lives of animals.


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