5 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in India

I was an ardent canophilist since I was a kid, I used to plead in front of my parents to get me a dog; I used to play and pet the stray dogs and eventually they realized how much I loved dogs. But, there was a humongous problem- we were a bunch of nomads, traveling to new places at least once a year and the problem arising would be the fact, where would we send our pet, courtesy to the not so friendly environment towards our pets. This became a tremendous problem which stopped me from owning a pet.

I guess many of you would agree to my dilemma especially if you live in an area far off from your native place. So don’t worry guys, today the concept of pet friendly resorts is the new hype and it is a life savior for all those people who own a pet and love to travel. To explain in layman’s term- when you are enjoying your vacations in the pristine beauties of the resorts when you are busy relaxing from the hustle bustle of your life, your pets can join you too.

5 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in India for your Next Vacation

The concept of pet friendly resorts have made into the dictionaries of pet owners and after some research I present you with the 5 best pet friendly hotels and resorts all across India.

1) Bull’s Retreat, Rishikesh


Nestled amidst the undulating hills of Himalayas, Bull’s Retreat offers you with attentive staff, mouth watering food and luxurious rooms. To add to the list, the staff of this place is really affectionate towards pets, offering you a big lawn where you can spend some quality time with your pets. Although they offer spacious rooms for the adequate accommodation of you and your pet, do remember to carry his/her bed. And the best part, the expenses of your pet’s stay is ON THE HOUSE.


2) Woods Villa Resort, Jaipur

Situated at a distance of 5 km on Agra road, this resort is the ideal destination for all the pet owners. They offer large lawns where you can play with your pet and to top it up, the cook at this resort makes whatever item your pet loves to eat. one thing to keep in mind- do carry your pet’s bedding and there are no extra charges for your pet. I forgot to mention, one is greeted by a 3-year-old Boxer pup who loves to meet new people and dogs.


3) Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore

Located at MG Road, Vivanta offers you a large lawn for your pet to play in. Along with unending stretch of the lawn, the place offers you a wide variety of delicious food along with relaxing packages. Do not forget to carry your pet’s bedding and the cost of your pet’s stay is 3000 rupees plus taxes for a day. If your pet weighs above forty-five kilograms, then you have to make a prior booking.

4) Taj Exotica, Goa

Taj Exotica is the ideal destination for pet owners who want to spend their time on the pristine beaches of Goa along with their pooch. To enjoy to the fullest, book a room having the sea view and this resort offers bedding, customized food, and toys for your pet so that even he can enjoy the luxuries of life. The charges of your pooch will be in the house.

5) Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

We all feel like packing our bags and eloping to a far off land with our pets, right? So the people residing in Mumbai or Pune this place is an escape from your mundane routine. This place offers bedding and certain treats and toys which he can have fun with. Utilize the lawns and walkways of the hotel for walks or jogs with your furry member. The charges for the dogs under 30 kilograms is 1500 rupees plus taxes.

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If the concern of leaving your pet back at home was causing a hindrance in your travel plans, then don’t worry because right now courtesy to the emergence of various pet-friendly resorts you can take him along. So pack your bags and your pooch’s bag, book one of these PET FRIENDLY HOTELS and enjoy life. Life is too short not to spend quality time with your pet, isn’t it?


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