Pet Adoption

We all want to have a pet, RIGHT???
Okay excluding a certain part of humanity who loathes animal, I guess we all want to have a pet, especially dogs and cats or we have one.

Many people love owning Guinea pigs, birds, fishes- that is cool but honestly I am not comfortable with the idea of having these animals, although I don’t mind if you do. But this post is basically targeted for canophilists or ailurophiles or both for that matter.

When you guys come across a stray cat or a stray dog, your heart leaps up to the animal and you feel like carrying him or her to your house, obviously which you are unable to. But if you are a pet lover who is planning to own a pet or think about doing it in the near future, I want to introduce you guys to the concept of PET ADOPTION. I earnestly support and promote this concept.

What Actually Pet Adoption means?

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Image Courtesy: Dogspot

Pet adoption means to give shelter, love, and care to a pet which you have either rescued from streets or taken from a shelter home. There are many reasons why a pet is abandoned. The reasons range from having second thoughts, depleting health, changed circumstances of the owner or moving to a new place. There are many NGOs and welfare organizations that are joining hands and supporting the cause of animal adoption. There are organizations like IDA (In Defense of Animals, India), People for Animals, etc. give the provision to the pet lovers to adopt pets for free.

PFA organizes a puppy adoption corner, where one can adopt puppies for free on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Adopting Animals: Needs and Demands

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  • Adopted animals demand equal love and care. Owning a pet in itself is a very big responsibility. Pets have to be looked after just as small children.
  • They need our undivided attention, at least until they are trained.
  • They need to have a proper diet, need to be well taken care of.
  • One needs to take them for regular checkups to the vet. So even before adopting a pet, one needs to make sure whether he/she is ready for the humongous responsibility complimentary to the pet adoption.

Points to Know Before Pet Adoption

  • If you just want a pet for entertainment purpose and aren’t substantial enough to look after a pet, then I highly recommend you not to think about adopting one.
  • I know there are certain commitments.But trust me if you want to have a pet, go ahead for pet adoption and have it, it is worth it.
  • When you return home to a wagging tail who with all hope looks up to your return or a ball of fur who is a little introvert in showing her love, but never the less loves you, it can eradicate all the miseries of your life.

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Image Courtesy: PFA Goa

Image Courtesy: PFA Goa

The love you receive from them is priceless. And it is irrespective of the breed or the fact whether they are adopted or purchased. They are the only beings capable of dedicating all of them for you. So don’t think much and go ahead for pet adoption and own a pet. But yeah I would suggest you adopt one- because there are numerous souls just waiting to envelop you in the ocean of love.

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