Getting a new puppy? Few supplies you need to keep ready.

Getting a new puppy can get very exciting and stressful at times. The first one month involves intensive care and training to live happily ever after. So before you get yourself a puppy, read and research things on like what supplies you are going to need, how to take care of a puppy, making up a routine for them, etc. And in this article, I’m going to share the few things you need to be ready with when you get yourself a puppy.
Dog Supplies

Let’s start with the basic here first –

1) Dog’s food:

Dog Food

Of course, your dog can’t feed on human food as they have a different nutrition requirement. They might be small, but they have a good appetite and for the first one month, you need to be extra concerned about what your pup eats. They will have a good calorie and protein demand to get the energy required to develop healthily and stay active. Research online or consult your vet if you are not sure about which food brand is right for your pup.

2) Water and Food Bowls:


What do you think you are going to feed your dog in? There are varieties of designs and sizes available for their bowls. Your puppy is going to consume a lot of water throughout the day, so it is recommended to keep a separate bowl for water. You can choose from plastic to ceramic to stainless steel bowls- but each has its own benefits and drawbacks. So gather more information about it from the pet specialty retailer and then make the right choice.

Dog’s walking needs–

3) Collar and Leash:

Dog Collar

Image Credit: Omlet

You are going to need a collar and a leash for your dog the day you bring him in. The collar holds the identification tag of your dog. The identification tag contains your name and contact number. Get a collar which is adjustable, it shouldn’t be tied too tight. Make sure that there is space to insert your two fingers and it should not be that loose that it slips off from their neck.

The leash will come in handy during their walk or obedience training. The leash is tied to the collar with a strong hardware. The length of the leash should be around 4 feet and for your convenience, get a leash that has the loop with a tight grip.

4) Identification tag:

Dog identification Tagr

An identification tag is useful when your dog runs off. An identification tag contains information such as – your name and contact number, some even include the address details. This can be very useful in case your dog runs off so that others can bring him back to you. Get a customized ID tag for your dog. A tag can be made of plastic or metal that hangs from your dog’s collar.

Basic sleeping needs-

5) Dog beds and crates:

Dog Crate

Image Credit: pottytrainyourpuppynow

Your puppy will need a comfy bed or crate to sleep in. They like their own place. There are wide varieties to choose from – designs, different sizes, and pillow designs – go for something that matches your home decor style too. And always go for the quality, never compromise on them. They need to feel like home too.

Basic training needs–

6) Cleaning potty training supplies:

Dog Cleaning

When you get a new puppy, it is really important for you to give home training on where his/her toilet spot is. They can really make a mess, in the beginning, vomit on your rugs. That’s why it is important for you to keep your cleaning supplies ready and train them on their pee and poop spot.

7) Exercise pen:

If you don’t have the room to keep your dog confined to, you can always purchase a pen to keep your dog corralled. Exercise pens are a set of portable wire panels that confine your pup to a specific area, just to keep them safe.

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Grooming tools –

8) Grooming supplies:

Dog Grooming

Oh, look such a handsome dog! If you wish to hear that compliment for your dog, you need to groom him/her well. Trim his toenails, wash his coat regularly, clean his ear and brush his teeth. And to perform these grooming activities on him/her, you need to be ready with these few supply lists –

  • Blow Dryer
  • Nail clippers
  • Comb and brush
  • Shampoo and soap
  • Ear cleaning solutions
  • Towels

Now, you are ready to bring a puppy home and also, make sure to go for the regular check-up with your vet. Don’t miss out on vaccination and examination process of your dog.

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