15 Things We Love About Labradors

Labradors are very special dogs. But what is it about them that makes us adore them so much?

The Labrador Site has drafted a list of 15 Things We Love About Labradors.

The options are endless, but here are just 15 of the many reasons we love Labs.

1. Kindness

When you are at your lowest ebb, and feel the brush of soft whiskers on your hand and the heavy press of a broad head on your lap,  you know that your Labrador really cares.

Recent studies have confirmed what Labrador owners have known for years. Dogs understand when we are sad.

They are often able to be more gentle and even calmer around more vulnerable people.

2. Willingness

Labradors are incredibly willing to please.

Whether your Labrador is as bright as a button,  or a bit of a dozy darling,  you know he really wants to make you happy.

Following you wherever you go, bringing you his toys and flashing you that endearing expression.

His willingness is lovely for you, and really enforces the bond between the pair of you.

3. Foolishness

It is not unusual for a Lab to be described as a bit of a class clown.

Labradors aren’t afraid to look foolish. To mess around and be silly.

Your faithful friend will not mind one bit if you laugh at him.  He will probably just try harder to make you smile.

4. Enthusiasm

Labs love the world and everything in it.

They want to be a part of the action.  Whatever is happening today,  they are up for it!

Whether its an exciting new adventure together, or a walk around the back yard scooping poop, they are equally enthusiastic and keen to be a part of it.

5. Forgetfulness

Labs can be adorably forgetful.

Young Labradors especially often forget what they are supposed to do.   Training takes time,  and they need our help in remembering what we taught them yesterday.

But it part of their doggy nature,  and we love them for it.  A little patience when your Lab is young and his memory will improve.

6. Fun

Labradors always look on the bright side.

They are masters at enjoying themselves.

It doesn’t have to be sunny, you don’t have to give him very much.

He’ll have a great day, every day, just because he is a Labrador and he is spending his day with you.

7. Forgiveness

Labradors forgive us all our faults.

If you snap at your Labrador when you are tired,  he will forgive you in a heartbeat. If you are late with dinner or take a shorter route on the walk, he won’t mind later on.

He never bears a grudge and he never will.

8. Grubbiness

Labradors make a mess. And we love it.

Well, maybe we don’t always love this bit,  but it is a part of what Labradors are.

They are simply never happier than when they are wet and muddy and we can’t help but smile at their grubby faces for it.

We’d rather have a mucky Lab than a smart little lap dog any day.

9. Contribution

We owe our Labradors so much.

How can we not admire a breed of dog that has contributed so much to human lives.

Not just in our homes with their constant companionship and the strength they give us, but into the world of assistance dogs where they dominate with their loyalty and intelligence.

10. Loyalty

A Labrador is the ultimate friend.  He doesn’t care what you look like,  he isn’t interested in how clever you are, or how many friends you have.

You are his everything,  his whole world for his whole life.

11. Confidence

Labradors are rarely shy.  They are not interested in hiding behind your legs.  They would far rather be in on the action.

12. Bravery

Labradors are courageous dogs.

From their work in military danger zones and with the police, Labradors contribute world wide,  protecting us from explosives,  drugs, disease, and many other sources of danger.

They will do anything for their human friends and family too.

13. Intelligence

Labs might seem dopey at times, but they are seriously smart cookies.

They are able to learn vast quantities of commands, and can learn to carry out complex tasks.

Working in perfect harmony with their human handlers.

14. Athleticism

Labradors are fabulously fit dogs.

They can keep up with you on your daily run, compete in agility events and work hard all day in the field.

Their structure has been maintained over the years to be the pinnacle of health, and they are all the happier for it.

15. Friendliness

A Labrador is everyone’s friend.

They will welcome family members and strangers into their home, and probably even their bed, without blinking an eye.

They will happily greet fellow walkers, making new friends wherever you go.

How about you?

What do you love most about your Labrador?

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