Are you aware of the steps to find out if your dog is stressed or not? Stress or anxiety can seriously affect your dog’s health. It’s not like they can’t talk to us, they are always trying to communicate to us through signs or body languages. We just need to be alert all the time to see if there are any stress symptoms in our dogs. Stress matters need to be addressed immediately before reaction escalates and becomes potentially aggressive or dangerous.

Six signs of stress and anxiety in dogs that need to be looked out for:

As a pet owner, it is important for you to be observant and aware of your dog’s activities. The first step is to find out if your dog is stressed or not.

1. Isolation:


Image Credit: animals.howstuffswork

Image Credit: animals.howstuffswork

Just like humans, dogs also enjoy some alone time. But if your dog is continuously trying to isolate herself /himself from everybody, spending more time in just a corner, you need to look out for your dog. Something severely could be wrong with your dog. It might be a signal that your dog is going through stress and you need to seek vet help immediately.

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2. Paw sweat or Shedding:

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This is another symptom to check if your dog is suffering from stress or not. Check if they are shedding more hair than usual. The dog tends to shed when they are nervous. Also, check for paw sweat. It’s surprising how much a dog can shed when in anxiety or stress.

3. Reduced Appetite:

Image Credit: Adoggys

Image Credit: Adoggys


If you are on a diet and you think, your dog is following your footstep down the same lane, you got it all wrong. Dogs don’t go on a diet like humans do. If you find your dog avoiding food, or stop eating altogether, you should immediately consult your vet. It could be due to stress or they might be suffering from anorexia. Anorexia causes your dog to stop eating completely and it might result in drastic weight loss.

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4. Constipation, Diarrhea or other digestive issues:

Image Credit: argospetinsurance

Image Credit: Argos pet insurance

Anxiety or stress in a dog can cause gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and constipation in them. Discuss the matter with your vet if it lasts for more than 24 hours. Sometimes blood can also be seen in their vomit or stool and that is an indicator of foodborne illness. Don’t let it pass just like that.

5. Change in sleeping schedule:

Image Credit: siouxfallspetpics

Image Credit: siouxfallspetpics

If you see your dog getting prone to sleeping more than usual, this should be a red flag that something is wrong. As for example, if you find your dog sleeping at the door opposed to greeting excitedly when you arrive, this could be a sign of lethargic. Dog lethargy often manifests physical conditions, excessive sleep or loss of energy.

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6. Half Moon eye:

Image Credit: The Spruce

Image Credit: The Spruce

Half Moon eye, also referred as Whale’s eye, is when the white portion is visible at the corner or rim of your dog’s eye. It’s a sign of stress or anxiety. If you see your dog giving you whale eye while being hugged, it’s because your dog is trying to be protective of him or herself. If they give you a whale’s eye when you are making a move towards them, make sure you stop right there. You never touch or approach a dog that has gone still. Speak to your vet immediately.

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Some other symptoms that indicate stress and anxiety:

 Genital licking
 Unusual aggressiveness or conflict
 Displacement behavior
 Yawning but not sleepy
 Excessive whining or other vocalization

So make sure if your dogs are trying to communicate to you through these signs, you don’t let it go unnoticed. If you feel something is wrong, you should always catch up with a veterinarian for a check-up.”

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