Whether the relationship occurs within humans or between humans and dogs, relationships are much the same. Dog Love is in the air so love your dog.  Like the human counterpart, relationships with dogs are much the same in what they require to grow and flourish. For improving your relationship with a partner, child or friend, we offer very similar advice. The ideas that follow could also apply to other close bonds, but in this case, we refer specifically to improving your relationship with your dog.

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First Step to Dog Love: BE PATIENT!

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Don’t be in hurry. You’re not doing anything wrong. Dogs are faithful but they got brains!

Give some time to your dog to get in the reality that your is not a restricted area.

It doesn’t actually work that way. When you adopted a sentient being., you did not walk into the Unconditional Lover Dogs store and pick up a box of instant Grateful Rescued Dog. You did not.

Relationships, with dogs or people, are something you develop over time. Establishing and growing an unbreakable bond is a matter of months and years, not days.

Second Step to Dog Love: GIVE YOUR DOG HIS OWN TIME

Dog Love 2Even dogs want to spend their time being alone. They usually indulge in Intrapersonal Communication(Self-communication) to get into the reality and be happy.

Being Adopted, no matter how good their owners are but they feel stressful if you’re not giving them time to relax and chill out.

An easy way to do that is to give him a place of his own. Pick an area where he usually likes to sit but where he can still see the activity of the house, like in a corner of the living room. Make the area comfortable and dog-proofed. Give them blankets and chew toys. When he’s in his “room,” respect his space – don’t let your kids or other pets climb all over him.

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 Third Step to Dog Love: PROTECT YOUR DOG

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We usually think of how dogs protect us But our dogs need protection too. Protect them from your bad friends who annoy them. Dogs can’t speak “I am getting annoyed” but it’s you who have to care about your dogs and protect them.

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Therefore, you are your dog’s only advocate and defender. So, Protect them from diseases. Take him to a doctor monthly. It’s your dog, protect him and love him. Dogs are precious.

And Now, the Final Step to Dog Love: Let him sleep in your bedroom (Really!!!!)

Dog Love 4

Dogs are meant to loved unconditionally. Sleeping with them assure your lesser chance for a heart attack. It is proven scientifically proven that dogs cure many of the diseases of humans.

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So, Sleep with him, At least until he gets settled in. This experience is scary for a dog, especially a puppy. Sleeping with his new family will reassure him and drive home the fact that you are, indeed, a family.

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