Recently, when I was scrolling through “PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMAL” [PETA] Instagram feed. Suddenly a picture caught my attention which was posted there with a caption “ wear your own fur ”

What PETA’s official website meant by this pic

Immediately it made me wonder that yes! Why are we wearing their skin? After all, animals are not ours to experiment, to wear.

Afterward, I became curious about this topic so I thought of writing on this very topic so that I can get to know your views as well.

After reading this you all are requested to comment your views down

First of all, there is a question I want to put in front of you.

Can we human survive without clothes in drastic climatic conditions?

Do we found it cool to wear another human’s skin to cover ourselves?

  • In accordance with me, the answer to above-asked questions should be absolute NO!
  • Then, why are we mistreating those mute creatures which can’t even protest against those who are injuring them?
  • Have you ever imagined that we are living in a region where winter persists we can survive there by wearing layer of clothes and if someone is from the region where summer persist they can save their skin from UV radiations by using sunscreen lotion?

But what about animals?

  • God has created them with a layer of skin so that they can adapt themselves in accordance with the climate, so we should not grab that only piece of cloth from them.
  • In other words, we can say that they only have their body as a cloth i.e their fur and we are snatching that too?

Inhumane? Aren’t we?

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Why wear something that is killing an animal? When there is a great faux alternative?

wear your own fur

Image Credit: PETA

  • And you know that greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. And one should not forget that it’s their home too!
  • They can’t speak, protest so they are trusting us, they want us to become their voice. They want us to protest against the ones that are molesting them, harming them, torturing them.
  • And yes! It is the high time now, to realize and admit that we were doing wrong by wearing their skin! But now we have to change ourselves and remember change starts from you!
  • We have to understand that wearing their fur is not indicating that you belong to a high society but it indicates that you are cruel! Unkind! Heartless! Inhumane!

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Imagine someone using your child skin to cover their body by killing your child? Scary…? Isn’t it?

  • Animals are not here to eat, experiment on or to use for entertainment, to wear.
  • They are to shower our love on, they can’t speak, but they will never make you feel lonely.
  • They are the true example of immortal love and affection. We have to change our thoughts towards them. It’s their home too!

Hope you people will agree with my thoughts I would love to hear from my audience their views regarding this topic that is wear your own fur. So please comment and share your views with us.


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